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A Motivated Dealership can bring sustainability to an Organization through more customer retention.

Dealerships are the primary contact point for customers & they are the brand image of the Organizations.

A motivated Dealership can deliver an upscaling Customer Experience & sustainable profit is the key driver for the Dealership to deliver services beyond customers’ expectations. A healthy dealership indicates, how healthy is the Organization. It is very difficult to operate a service dealership without a system & process in place.

A few major profitability drivers like, such as

  • Workshop manpower productivity
  • Efficient spare inventory management by ensuring availability while controlling the dead stocks.

Sometimes there is a decent flow of revenue through Sales or Service but unidentified leakages puts an adverse impact on profitability.

Few leakages in the service dealerships are

  • Lack of process for financial management
  • No long-term Customer retention strategy
  • Churn out post-warranty customers
  • Low service manpower productivity
  • Ineffective services process

Hence to fill the bucket of profitability, we need to stop the leakages.


Mr. Abhaya Naik is a seasoned customer service professional with 30 years of experience and with a proven track record in transforming Organizations & improving dealership profitability.

He can help the Organizations on this drive with a proven step-by-step process to ensure dealership profitability by enhancing customer experience.

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