Stars Of Delight In Customer Service

Is a 5 Star rating enough for customer retention?

9-10 NPS is the NEW NORMAL. 5 Star customer rating does not ascertain growth and sustainability of the business. Organizations need to look beyond to earn Stars of delight by upscaling customer experience. Stars of delight can be earned by delivering service beyond customers’ expectations.

Cultural shift is more than what organizations consider it. It is a key in the profitability and sustainability of an organization over a period of time. Besides driving in profit and sustenance to your business, aligning the vision of your employees with that of your business, Cultural shift changes the way your team works and makes your organisation a happy workplace.

Wondering how to bring a progressive cultural shift to your enterprise?

3S Coach handholds you to upscale your Customer Service and gain the Stars of Delight opening up new possibilities for your business.

Learn how to earn the stars of delight from Customer Service Coach, Abhaya Naik.