Organizations Too Kill Abhimanyu

I have always been fascinated by the story of Mahabharat. From the whole, I picked up the story of Abhimanyu. Who was Abhimanyu? Who killed him? Was it as per the mutually agreed rules of the battlefield, for example during war Multiple warriors must not attack a single warrior?

On the 13th day of Kurukshetra war, Abhimanyu chariot broke into pieces. The brave boy had only a sword in hand and used the broken chariot’s wheel as a shield. All the Kauravas now pounced upon him with all their might. In the end, Abhimanyu was killed brutally.

Abhimanyu was a warrior, young, quick learner, fearless fighter, dared to fight with all big Yoddhas, never give up attitude, but could not survive because did not know how to come out from the complex Chakravyuha.

Was Krishna aware of Abhimanyu’s death plan, did he deliberately leave him to fight alone or not pay enough attention to save him? Did he feel the Abhimanyu was a quick learner, fighter, fearless enough to handle the complex situation like Chakravyuha. What about Arjuna? Why did not he come to rescue his son, possibly the scope was very little.

True SAD story and a big loss to Pandavas, especially father Arjuna & Mama Krishna. Is not it?

It happens in today’s organizations as well. Every day many Abhimanyus are being killed. These employees (Abhimanyus) are young, could be a fresher, have joined from a different organization, sometimes homegrown & high flyers,  passionate, talented,  knowledgeable, highly-skilled, courageous, confident, master in execution, agile, goal-oriented, having out of the box ideas & unconventional approach to solve business problems, performer and many more. However, they are being killed left, right & center every day, and in most of the today’s organizations irrespective to their size & nature. Is not it?

Because the Organisations are like Mahabharat. There are Pandavas and Kauravas, fighting now & then to save their skins,  remain as a power center, maintain the monopoly, establish as one-man show, dependability, etc. They (Kauravas) do form many Chakravyuhas, some are very complex to crack, such as office politics, groupism, non-cooperation, pulling somebody’s leg, demotivating others, instilling fear of failures, etc, either within the department or in entire organization where the departments are not synched for a common goal.

In the processes, Organisational Abhimanyus get into the Chakravyuhas, and Kauravas try to kill them by not extending necessary support & cooperation, deliberately delaying the processes, harassing them, etc. Finally, they get frustrated & give up, indirectly the organization kills all zeal & enthusiasm of these Abhimanyus.

Where are Krishnas & Arjunas? The Krishnas are the top bosses in the organization, they are leaders, why they could not save Abhimanyus. What about Arjunas, the immediate supervisors, why they do not pay enough attention to their subordinates & warriors, why they both (Krishna & Arjuna) could not save Abhimanyus, and let them go to die.

Is it happening in your function and organization? What role do you play, to kill or save Abhimanyus. Do you play the role of Kauravas or Arjuna or Krishna? Ask this question today.

Abhimanyus are Principle-Driven, not Practice driven, they do right things, not things right, they challenge the status quo because they are different from others, want to do something different in their life. Save them, Don’t kill them.